Terms of use


All users must apply for a AWEX account before using the AWEX services. When you register your AWEX account, you must accept these terms, privacy policy and other AWEX platform rules. AWEX may, at its discretion, refuse to open your AWEX account. You agree to provide complete and accurate information when you open an account and agree to update any information you provide in a timely manner to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information. Each user (including a natural, commercial or legal person) may have only one master account at any time. Your registration of an account with AWEX will be considered your consent to provide the necessary personal information to verify your identity. Such information will be used to verify the identity of users, detect traces of money laundering, financing of terrorism, fraud and other financial crimes through AWEX or for other lawful purposes declared by AWEX .   

We will collect, use and share such information in accordance with our privacy policy. In addition to providing such information, you agree to allow us to record this information for the period during which your account is active and for a period of five (5) years after you closed your account to world-class industry data retention standards. You also allow us to conduct necessary investigations directly or through a third party to confirm your identity or protect you and/or us from financial crimes such as fraud. The information we need to confirm your identity may include, among other things, your name, email address, contact information, telephone number, username, government-issued ID, date of birth and other information, collected during the registration of an account. By providing the required information, you confirm its authenticity and accuracy.


Upon completion of registration and confirmation of identity for your AWEX account, you can use various AWEX services including, among others, cryptocurrency trading, fiat trading, exchange with fiat currencies, including RUB cash in the territory of the Russian Federation, related data, research and other information.

AWEX has the right to:

Provide, modify or terminate, at its discretion, any AWEX services on the basis of its development plan; and allow or prohibit some users from using any AWEX services in accordance with the relevant AWEX platform rules.

Cryptocurrency trading  

Upon completion of registration and verification of identity for your AWEX account, you may conduct crypto-crypto trading at AWEX in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions of the AWEX platform.

  • Orders. After placing the order on the platform, your account will be immediately updated to reflect the open orders, and your orders will be included in the AWEX order book to match the orders of other users. If one of your orders fully or partially coincides with another users order, AWEX will execute the exchange («Transaction»). Once the transaction is completed, your account will be updated to reflect that the order has been fully executed and closed, or the order has been partially executed. The order will remain incomplete until it has been fully implemented or revoked in accordance with paragraph (b) below. To conclude a transaction, you allow AWEX to temporarily control the digital currencies involved in your transaction.
  • Abolition. For orders initiated through AWEX, you can cancel them only before they are matched with orders of other accounts. Once your order has been mapped to another users order, you cannot change, revoke or cancel AWEX order execution permission. For any partially matching order, you may cancel the inconsistent part of the order if such part has not been compared. AWEX reserves the right to reject any cancellation request related to your Order. If there are not enough digital currencies in your account to execute the order, AWEX may cancel the entire order or complete part of the order with the amount of digital currencies in your account (in each case any fees related to the transaction are payable). AWEX is deducted as stated in paragraph (c) below).
  • Fees. You agree to pay the commission to AWEX. AWEX may, at its discretion, renew the commission at any time. Any updated fees will apply to any sales or other transactions that occur after the effective date of the updated fees. You allow AWEX to deduct from your account any applicable fees that you must pay in accordance with these Terms.


1. Suspension of AWEX accounts

  • You agree that AWEX has the right to immediately suspend your AWEX account (and any accounts in beneficial ownership of related persons or affiliated persons) freeze or freeze digital assets or funds on all such accounts and suspend your access to AWEX for any reason, including if AWEX suspects that any such accounts violate these terms, our privacy policy or any applicable laws and regulations. You agree that AWEX is not liable to you for any permanent or temporary changes to your AWEX account, or for suspending or terminating your access to all or any part of the AWEX services. AWEX reserves the right to store and use transaction data or other information related to such AWEX accounts. The above account controls may also be applied in the following cases:


  • The AWEX account shall be the subject of public proceedings, criminal investigations or other pending proceedings;
  • We detect unusual activity in AWEX account;
  • We detect unauthorized access to the AWEX account.


We are obliged to do so by court order or by order of the regulatory/public authority.


AWEX is not your broker, agent or consultant and does not have fiduciary relations or obligations to you in connection with any transactions or other decisions, or actions performed by you using the AWEX services. None of the messages or information provided to you by AWEX are and should not be treated or interpreted as investment councils, financial councils, trade councils or any other advice. Unless otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions, all transactions are executed automatically based on the parameters of the instructions of your order and in accordance with published transaction procedures, and you are solely responsible for determining whether any are suitable for youor investment, investment strategy or related transaction. In accordance with your personal investment goals, financial circumstances and risk tolerance, and you are solely responsible for any losses or liabilities arising therefrom.


AWEX has passed a strict selection and participates in the brokerage program from Consortium, which guarantees the highest liquidity and a large range of tools for trading.

Each account opened at AWEX has a sub-account at Consortium. You can have both a AWEX account and an account on the Consortium exchange with or without verification.

AWEX does not store your funds. You deposit and withdraw funds directly from your Consortium sub-account, but via the AWEX website. Your funds are stored on Consortium and are controlled by Consortium. AWEX and Consortium are not liable for the loss of your personal data or credentials that may affect unauthorized withdrawals or trading. Pay attention to the storage of personal data and credentials, use complex passwords and two-factor authentication.

AWEX cannot and does not guarantee that files or data available for download from the Internet or software will not contain viruses or other destructive code. You are solely and solely responsible for your use of the software and the security of your computer, Internet and data.

AWEX does not provide any warranties or representations regarding the software, including but not limited to:  

  • The software will meet your requirements;
  • The software will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or non-ferrous;
  • The results of the software will be accurate or reliable;
  • Any known or unknown defects will be corrected.

AWEX is not responsible for customer funds in case of termination of the website of the exchange Consortium.

AWEX is not responsible for the funds of clients if Consortium suffers from actions of third parties.


You can fund your account in any virtual and fiat currency that is available on Consortium and supported by AWEX, you can withdraw any available cryptocurrencies with positive balance. If customer transactions appear suspicious, AWEX and Consortium (directly or through AWEX) may request additional transaction information and suspend some or all transactions with your account for an indefinite period of time.


Residents of the United States and other countries from the sanctions list are forbidden to open an exchange account. By agreeing to the terms, you confirm that you are not a resident of any prohibited country.

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