What is Web 5

Published: 3 сентября 2022
1 min

Web5 is a concept for a decentralized, open-source platform introduced on June 10, 2022, by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

The goal of Web 5 is to create a platform that gives users full control over their personal data and digital identity. In simple terms, if in the Web2 version of the network services request your data and the information is stored on foreign servers, then Web5 allows you to store all data on the users device, through creating an autonomous digital identity or, as it is called TBD, a decentralized identity.

Universal identifiers that are not controlled by a single center and are generated independently using DID cryptography use the Bitcoin-ION Blockchain Layer 2 network, which allows to control identifiers only by their owners.

In this way, user data is stored in a decentralized Web site, and the user has the option to provide access to applications.

Consider the stages of evolution of Web technology:

  • Web 1 was a time of chatting and communication;
  • Web 2 the rise of social networks;
  • Web 3 the beginning of decentralization;
  • Web 4 symbiotic network between man and machine (in plans);
  • Web 5 technology of human emotion recognition (in plans).

Modern networks continue to accumulate, analyse and commercialize all user information, including personal information. Web 5 technology is designed to help users get the right to own their own data.

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