Published: 19 ноября 2022
3 min

Property Show in Moscow 

Every year, Russia holds events related to the presentation of interesting offers on the markets of foreign real estate. The largest of the exhibitions is the Property Show. This year the exhibition was held on 11 - 12 November . It was attended by well-known real estate developers and agencies of Turkey, Cyprus, UAE, Montenegro, Spain, Portugal.

The exhibition began at 12:00 in the Tishinka shopping center. About 70 delegations of foreign agencies and developers from 20 countries of the world flew to the exhibition. Experienced realtors and lawyers acted. The editorial office of AWEX visited the exhibition and studied the offers on the tourist property market.

How easy it is to Buy real estate using Crypts How easy it is to Buy real estate using Crypts

Real estate interview 

We were able to communicate with a partner of the company known real estate agency in Dubai - PROPERTY SIMPLIFIED REAL ESTATE.

According to the manager of the company, restrictions in the banking sector encourage people to invest in tourist property, which can bring 200% profit in the season. Activity in the resorts lasts for 8 months.

The representative of the agency noted that due to the decline of the dollar, the real estate became more accessible to Russians. When buying accommodation in the UAE issued a resident visa. Many rent accommodation in the resort, and in the velvet season come on vacation. In Dubai there are kindergartens and schools, there are shops with Russian products.

Presentation of AWEX product 

Participants of the exhibition told about the difficulties faced by their companies during international payments for the sale of real estate.

The head of AWEX international department assured that our digital service is ready to take on the issues of international transactions.

Now the UAE is popular with customers. AWEX has a ready-made case of a remote transaction, when it is not necessary to come to Dubai to buy, the transaction can be carried out from the office in Moscow.

How easy it is to Buy real estate using Crypts How easy it is to Buy real estate using Crypts

Ways to overcome bank restrictions by AWEX 

By means of digital environment and network technologies, AWEX service allows to transfer an unlimited amount of money in a matter of minutes without extra papers, safely and anonymously.

The digital environment is served by a network of blockchains that connect millions of servers worldwide, the network is secure, anonymous and sustainable. To disrupt the stability of the environment, you need to hack more than half of these devices, such capacity does not exist.

We use digital assets for successful interaction between AWEX offices around the world. Carrying out transactions with the help of cryptocurrency speed translation hundreds of times, exclude all intermediaries, this does not require to draw up any documents, the anonymity of the sender and recipient is ensured.

Especially for such clients, service offices have been opened in Moscow and Dubai. In the office, the client will make an account in the system and convert his rubles into a digital asset. As long as the client is in a convenient waiting area, the money will be transferred to the recipient. The recipient of the transfer will be able to withdraw money from another AWEX office within a few minutes.

If a customer already has a cryptocurrency on his own wallet, in this case it is enough to register an account on , create a deposit in the right asset in the tab «Portfolio» and start cryptocurrency there. The recipient will be able to cash out this cryptocurrency from us or any other exchange service in the world.


In recent years, real estate in most of Europe is noticeably cheaper. Accordingly, the threshold for Russian buyers to enter these markets has also decreased. The AWEX service helps to overcome the difficulties of paying for housing purchases abroad.

From the exhibition we have left a good impression, we have studied residential and commercial real estate projects abroad, met with companies developers, concluded cooperation agreements.

In recent years, AWEX has made overseas real estate more accessible and closer to Russians. 

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