What is NFT

Published: 15 февраля 2023
2 min

Have you ever owned something unique and legendary, like a one-of-a-kind sneaker or a painting by a great artist that is not reproduced? If not yet, then the NFT world will be able to provide you with a similar opportunity.

NFT token is a unique non-fungible digital key created on the basis of cryptocurrency. NFT is a certificate of uniqueness and uniqueness of any digital object. It confirms that a particular user has a particular digital property.

With the help of NFT, a unique object or phenomenon is added to the blockchain ledger. NFT is a digital document that stores all information about an object, its creator, owners and operations associated with this object in the blockchain network.

The first example of the use of NFT technology was the CryptoKitties game, where you could breed, trade, sell and buy unique kittens.

In February 2021, the work of American digital artist Mike Winkelman Everyday. The First 5,000 Days was the first piece of digital art to be auctioned by Christie's.

Another use case for NFTs is the sale of the first tweet by Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter. This short message Just setting up my twitter was sold for $2.9 million.

The purchase of an object through NFT is fixed in the blockchain and for the buyer it is a pride. It is popular with collectors and fans who want to be closer to the subject of admiration. In addition, such a purchase can be considered as an investment, because the purchase / sale is carried out for Ethereum, the second most liquid coin.

The fall in the rate of cryptocurrencies did not affect NFT, experts say that the most popular are NFT tokens of art objects by young artists, as well as sports tokens.

Today, NFT tokens are being actively implemented, especially in the gaming industry. Someday the generation of gamers who grew up with NFT will carry the technology into their adult life!

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