Announcement of the release of the mobile application of the crypto exchange AWEX

Published: 16 сентября 2022
4 min

Work on the application is still in progress, but the developers assure that the release will be available to clients of the crypto-exchange AWEX in May . The test version of the application left a good impression on the crypto blog editorial and we together with users will look forward to the release of the mobile application! 

In this article we will tell you a little about what will be in the mobile application, consider the test version and what will be the functionality!The dot-com bubble, which burst in 2001, directed the development of financial markets towards technology. Computers were able to perform complex computing, and software was friendly. Mobile communication was already able to transmit data packets, but there were no «smart phones». In 2007, the first iPhone was released, which had good for its time iron, large screen and friendly OS. App Store attracted software developers, and mobile applications began to flourish. By 2010, most major banks had mobile apps that allow the transfer and exchange of assets in their accounts.

Nowadays its hard to imagine a financial organization without a mobile app. The AWEX Cryptocurrency Exchange is also working on its mobile software that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies directly from your smartphone. Lets do a little testing and review of the app.

Application download 

Announcement of the release of the mobile application of the crypto exchange AWEX Announcement of the release of the mobile application of the crypto exchange AWEX

Announcement of the release of the mobile application of the crypto exchange AWEX 

At the launch of the user application meets the colorful logo of the crypto exchange and the company slogan:

«AWEX - The world of free finance».

From the main page you can choose a color theme, which is very convenient. Next you will find a page with further options:

  • Save up;
  • Trade;
  • Exchange;
  • Pay off;
  • Deposit/withdraw

Authorization is available below. By the way, on the same page are available training, news and other interesting articles from the Crypto Blog, there you can find answers to questions related to cryptocurrencies.

Keeping of records 

For registration it is enough to specify an e-mail and come up with a reliable password. There will be a verification code in the mail, after which you can access any cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange. You can also log in via social media. For convenience, you need to set your PIN or use Face ID or Touch ID.

Home page 

After successful registration you will be presented on the main screen of BANKOFF mobile application. Here is the current value of your portfolio and the list of cryptocurrencies: USDT, BTC, BNB, ETH, etc. It remains only to select the cryptactin and make one of the proposed actions:

  • Deposit;
  • Withdrawal;
  • Receive;
  • Send;
  • To buy;
  • To sell.


Announcement of the release of the mobile application of the crypto exchange AWEX 

As historians say, the world trade was preceded by a natural exchange. Also named «oldest» section of our application. Here you can buy in advance one of the presented steablecoins, change it for any existing in the trade cryptocurrency at an advantageous rate. 


From the list of assets selected the necessary cryptocurrency, get acquainted with the prices in the exchange glass, mark the type of application (limit or market), press the green button «Buy» or red «Sell». Cryptocurrency trading has never been so easy, has it?

In the same section, you can trace the history of price changes on a linear or candle chart. At the bottom of the page you will see your purchase and sale orders.

Auto fill 

The app has a convenient auto-fill feature. With its help, you can enter your data once into the system: name, card number, phone, Telegram, and during the withdrawal of assets, the details will be automatically substituted by the system. It is a pity that the application can not yet trade for us. Well, or at least we have not found such a feature.


The user may have questions while working with the application. For such purposes, the app integrates a convenient chat room in which you can ask a question and get an answer in a short time. It is convenient when your smartphone is on duty around the clock your personal guide in the cryptocurrency world.

Profile page 

The developers dedicated the largest section «Profile» to users. Here you can add an avatar and come up with an unusual nick, go through verification, see the history of orders, study all their privileges in service, leave a review and much more.

Verification is carried out to enable the transfer of funds to the clients bank accounts, to reduce the time of application processing, and to remove the limitation of the volume of exchange.

In the same section, you can change the following settings: 

  • Selection of the theme;
  • Inclusion of notifications;
  • Choice of language (Russian, English, Vietnamese);
  • Selection of chart dimensions (week or month);
  • Change your PIN for quick access to the app;
  • Connecting two-factor authorization from Google 2FA.

Directly in the Profile you can evaluate the quality of the service and leave your comment, which will be visible to all users of the exchange. Than not the future soc. Network for Cryptocurrency Investors? 


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