Scheme of fraud with fake exchange

Published: 20 сентября 2023
2 min

Scheme of fraud with fake exchange Scheme of fraud with fake exchange

Hello friends, it's been a long time since we've had an exciting story from the customer service office piggy bank!  

As they say: "If there was no happiness, misfortune would have helped". Today, we will tell you about a case that brought one responsive person to our service and made him a regular customer.

The hero of the story was an active participant in one of the chat rooms dedicated to cryptocurrencies. One day, a stranger wrote to him in private messages with an unusual request.

It turned out that this man was a citizen of Macedonia and as a reward for his work he received a sum in cryptocurrency on his account, but he faced a serious problem.  

Cryptocurrency is illegal in Macedonia and the man, being a citizen of this country, could not exchange the cryptocurrency and withdraw the money to his card. This is what the hero of our story was needed for.

The stranger asked our client to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, then according to the plan, cryptocurrency is transferred to him. Our hero had to make an exchange for fiat, then send the money to the details of the stranger.

Scheme of fraud with fake exchange Scheme of fraud with fake exchange

The hero of our story, not suspecting that he might be deceived, agreed. A link was sent to him in Telegram, he followed it to the exchange's website and created an account.

Everything went according to plan: the client received a transfer in cryptocurrency, exchanged it for dollars and was about to withdraw the funds to a bank account. But then the unexpected happened: when trying to withdraw the money, the system demanded to pay a transfer fee of $200. This aroused suspicion, and the client contacted the support service. The operator on the site confirmed that indeed, first you need to pay the commission, and then only the withdrawal will take place.

Our client continued to doubt and decided to find a real support team. Having typed the name of the exchange in a search engine, he found a chat room on the official website and described the situation to the support.

Scheme of fraud with fake exchange Scheme of fraud with fake exchange

The chat specialist asked the client to send the text of the correspondence and a link to the exchange. Having quickly realized that fraud was taking place, the operator wrote a request to the hosting provider. Thanks to the prompt actions of the support specialist, the fraudulent site was blocked.

The real support of the exchange explained to the client that he almost became a victim of fraud, but thanks to his appeal, the situation was prevented.

As you have already realized, the site to which the hero of the story wrote about the incident was the site of AWEX service. Fraudsters created a phishing site and sent victims a link to the fake exchange.  

At the end of the story, the client was grateful and registered on the real exchange, becoming a regular customer of AWEX.

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