How is an exchange better than a crypto exchange

Published: 1 февраля 2023
4 min

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies

In just a few years, cryptocurrency has become the most popular asset on the market. However, not everyone still knows how to get cryptocurrency, where to store it and how to sell it. Let's look at ways to get a digital asset, and also study the sites that specialize in this.

How to get cryptocurrency

In order to become the owner of a cryptocurrency, you can use one of two ways: to mine coins with the help of special equipment or to purchase them on a specialized platform.

Mining is a complex process and is not suitable for most users. But buying cryptocurrency is a fairly affordable way for untrained people to become the owner of a digital asset.

Where can I find a cryptocurrency to buy, because in stores and in bank branches cryptocurrency is not yet sold?

You've probably heard that there are special trading platforms where you can buy and sell digital assets. Let's analyze the main ones: exchangers and cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is an exchanger

The exchanger is a platform on which an equal exchange of cryptocurrency assets for fiat money is carried out. The exchange is made between the user and the platform itself. The exchanger puts its commission into the price of the asset, so the value of the cryptocurrency increases. For the same reason, the exchanger buys cryptocurrency from users at a price below the market. This is the main earnings of the site.

To choose the right exchanger, you need to compare the price on several popular resources, as well as study customer reviews, or use a special website monitoring cryptocurrency exchangers.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that is fundamentally no different from a stock exchange. Stocks and bonds of companies from the real sector of the economy, as well as their derivatives, are traded on the stock exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange specializes in trading digital assets for fiat, as well as exchanging cryptocurrencies among themselves.

To start trading, the user needs to register on the site, then top up the account. In the trading terminal, create an order to buy a certain number of coins at the market or limit price.

When depositing money on the exchange, you will need to go through the verification procedure, otherwise you will not be able to use all the features of the service. The fact is that most centralized exchanges have a regulator that requires compliance with the AML/KYC security policy, and the sites themselves are interested in the financial purity of assets.

Is there a difference where to buy cryptocurrency?

When making a transaction with cryptocurrency, the user rarely wants to understand what the advantages of a particular platform are.

When buying an asset in an exchanger, the counterparty is the exchanger itself, and when buying on the exchange, another bidder sells the asset to you, and the exchange only receives its commission from the transaction. The similarities end there.

The exchanger differs from the exchange in the speed of making a purchase. As a rule, there is no need to go through the verification procedure in the exchanger, it is enough to have a phone, a bank account and a cryptocurrency wallet. However, this seriously reduces the security of the transaction and threatens the risk of losing the user's money. With such types of transactions, the price of a digital asset will be significantly more expensive than with free trade.

The exchange on the spot market acts as an intermediary for sellers and buyers of cryptocurrencies. Her earnings consist of the commission paid by bidders when making a transaction. The exchange places traders' buy/sell orders in the stock glass. If the buyer's and seller's prices match, the exchange satisfies both orders, and the transaction is considered completed.

Advantages of buying cryptocurrencies on the exchange

  1. Most of the cryptocurrencies traded on the market are represented on the exchange.
  2. The most profitable purchase rate is formed on the spot market.
  3. The exchange has extensive functionality for trading, instruments with a margin component, as well as a kind of cryptocurrency deposit.
  4. Profitable stocks are constantly operating on the exchange, as the site needs to maintain a certain level of liquidity.
  5. With spot trading, a smaller price spread is formed.
  6. You can always find a large volume of popular assets on the stock exchange.
  7. Exchanges strive to ensure the safety of their customers, therefore they monitor security, comply with the requirements of regulatory authorities and legislation.
  8. Exchanges provide an opportunity to store the purchased cryptocurrency on internal wallets.
  9. Advantages of buying cryptocurrencies in exchangers
  10. Simple registration and purchase procedure.
  11. A wide range of payment options using fiat.
  12. Exchangers have a service for finding a favorable rate using special sites.
  13. Availability of discount programs for regular customers.


The cryptocurrency trading market is divided between exchanges and exchangers, and the share of the latter is declining, as users view exchangers as an outdated and unprofitable way of buying. After all, exchangers themselves acquire cryptocurrency on the spot market, where prices are lower, and you can buy any necessary amount of assets.

Most exchanges are already mastering the service of buying cryptocurrencies for fiat, thereby reducing the turnover of exchangers.

Often these two sites work for different categories of buyers and do not compete with each other. Those who need to buy cryptocurrency quickly turn to the exchanger.

Wholesale buyers and long-term investors register on the exchange, as there is a wide selection of digital currencies at affordable prices. Cryptocurrency exchanges provide a high level of security, protecting clients' assets from hackers and scammers.

Competition in the market, pressure from legislation, regulation by government agencies force players to develop in the digital asset market. Some go into the shadows and refuse to accept the new rules of the game, others, realizing the importance of changes, with dignity provide an opportunity to legally buy digital assets at the best prices.

It just so happens that cryptocurrency exchanges offer a better and safer service, but the choice of a platform for buying digital assets is always up to users.

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