Even more interesting in the updated version of the cryptocurrency exchange AWEX

Published: 10 декабря 2022
4 min

The cryptocurrency exchange AWEX is a well-known player of the Russian digital assets market. The site does not impose sanctions and banking restrictions, offers a cryptocurrency exchange service for many years, and in December 2022 received a fresh interface, expanding the trading opportunities of the service. Lets look at the updated site.

The site received a modern design with two main themes: light and dark. The dark theme does not bother the user in the evening, and the light theme allows you to see the picture on the screen of the gadget in the sunny weather. The exchange is still available in four languages: Russian, English, Vietnamese and Chinese.

The company is true to its traditions and kept the motto «World of Free Finance» on the main page of the site. If you are already registered on the site, you can buy or exchange cryptocurrency without going through sections and links. It is enough on the home page to choose what you want to do «Buy cryptocurrency from a card» or «Exchange cryptocurrency», one click and you are in business!

As before, links to the main sections are available in the top field of the site:

  • Exchange;
  • Exchange;
  • Cryptoblog;
  • Support.

On the right there is a sign-in and login icon. Users account has a new and convenient functionality.

Portfolio . This section contains assets that can be traded with, internal and external transfers. More than 300 trading pairs with good liquidity are available. Transaction numbers are recorded and stored here, indicating the status, volume and date of creation of applications. You can always trace internal and external transfers that occurred on your account.

Notifications . This section allows you to read all internal system messages.

History. This section contains the history of transactions that were carried out on your account. By the way, it is very convenient to analyze your trade.

Favorites . Here you can see favorite trading pairs that you want to have at your fingertips, not search in the global list of cryptocurrencies.  

Hariffs. Here are the main tariffs of the site: «Novice» and «PRO». Based on the volume of transactions, the client is assigned the appropriate tariff, with its level of commissions and discounts.

Verification . The service monitors the safety of funds, so on the site is implemented verification of users. In addition to security, verification provides a number of advantages: unlimited exchange volumes, bank card payments, fast processing of applications.

Auto-fill . Here you can configure fill-in templates to simplify the creation of applications. You can specify in the details of the reception your phone number, delivery address and name for the pass. The number of templates is unlimited. In the future, the transaction will not need to fill in the data of the recipient, it will be enough to choose the desired template, and the application is ready!

Settings . The section stores personal account settings. Here you can set a unique avatar, choose a clever nickname, change the password. The present two-factor authorization from Google is necessary for account security.

You can choose the chart display settings and the base currency. We recommend using the function «IP binding», thanks to it you will be able to make transactions only from a certain location. If an account falls into the hands of intruders, they will not be able to withdraw funds, as their IP address will be different from yours. You can always control who, when and from what device entered your account using the function «Last Logins».

Lets finish studying your account and move on to the important part of the service - Exchange. 

Spot trading is the most profitable way to get cryptocurrency. For quick search it is enough to enter a ticker of the cryptocurrency of interest, as well as to specify the quote currency.

In this section there is an informative schedule of the price movement, selection of the application type, valid and archival orders. You can buy or sell cryptocurrency at the best rate with a single tap.

In the Cryptocurrency Exchange section you can choose the exchange direction. This section, unlike spot trading, allows cash to be exchanged for digital assets at service offices in Moscow and Dubai. The following methods of withdrawal are supported: cash-in, courier delivery, bank cards.

The updated version of the Cryptoblog section received a colorful theme. Here you can get acquainted with the history of the development of cryptocurrencies and learn the news of the digital industry.

Messenger support is available 24 hours a day. In addition to Telegram there is a communication channel in WhatsApp, also on the site there is an internal chat prompt consultation users. It is still possible to send your cooperation proposals to the site management e-mail address.

In section ABOUT AWEX, the companys description is supplemented with information about the companys goals and mission. All made in the same style, added graphic content of the section.

FAQ adds answers to all frequently asked questions of users. AML/KYC policy defines the security activities of the company and provides legal clarity of transactions. At the bottom of the site are collected the legal and regulatory documents related to the work of the exchange: User Agreement, Instructions, Privacy Policy.

In the lower left corner of the page there are links to all social networks where there is an audience AWEX: Yandex Kew,,, VK, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram.

The site now has a link to its own mobile application AWEX for cryptocurrency trading. The mobile interface has retained the platforms style and is not inferior in functionality to the full version.

Summing up, it is safe to say that the redesign and introduction of new instruments have made AWEX more convenient and modern.

The only thing that remains unchanged is that AWEX still provides a high-quality service of exchange and sale of digital assets in the companys offices or through the online exchange. With each step in the development of the service, AWEX customers are getting closer to our common dream of a Free Finance World.

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