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Published: 15 февраля 2023
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Crypto asset trading

Digital assets trading is developing due to the combination of classical financial infrastructure and blockchain technology. Buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies on the spot market has become much more convenient and easier.

The most profitable place for exchanging cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency exchange. In this article, we will consider the advantages of working with one of the popular Russian platforms, the AWEX cryptocurrency exchange.

AWEX trading platform

AWEX is a modern platform that provides services for buying, selling and exchanging digital assets.

The AWEX ecosystem includes a 24/7 exchange with cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal, spot trading, and fiat-to-digital asset exchange.

AWEX allows you to fund your trading account with cash and trade using limit orders: buy cryptocurrencies on a short-term drop and sell when a peak is reached.

In addition, users can make deposits for regular purchases and purchase a large amount of cryptocurrency in installments.

Unlike anonymous exchanges, AWEX users trade cryptocurrencies on a full-fledged platform with an order book and limit orders.

What is the convenience of working with AWEX

AWEX is independent of American or European law. If sanctions are imposed on Russians, AWEX will not comply with them.

AWEX operates in accordance with the legal policies of KYC and AML. The guarantee of reliability is the implementation of the company's activities in the jurisdiction of Russia and the UAE. The rights of the clients of the exchange are reliably protected.

Working with cash allows you to avoid blocking your bank account, but gives rise to many other problems. Therefore, when conducting operations, AWEX monitors the legal cleanliness of assets: 

  1. using KYC/AML procedures from the Sumsub platform and transaction risk assessment from the analytical company Chainalysis;
  2. compliance with the law when conducting financial transactions.

AWEX checks customer deposits and does not accept suspicious cryptocurrencies. Users trade legally clean coins and do not interact with external regulated crypto markets. With such a trading procedure, no one will freeze their funds.

The AWEX platform complies with the laws of the Russian Federation and other countries in which its branches are open. The representative office of the company in Dubai received a license from the regulator to conduct exchange operations with digital assets.

Clients often switch to AWEX after bad experiences with other services. Clients leave the sites that refused to work with the Russians and blocked their accounts.

Anonymity of the platform

AWEX keeps clients anonymous. The service stores only authentication data, as well as the history of deposits, withdrawals and transactions on the exchange. These data may be needed to prove the origin of funds in the bank.

After the time specified by the rules of the site, after deleting the account, AWEX deletes all information about the client.

Users can set additional security options, such as denying access from all IP addresses except home, or allowing output only after confirmation of the action.

Customer service offices.

Most cryptocurrencies are currently trading at attractive prices, which makes it possible to profitably buy digital assets for the long term. When the time comes, the cryptocurrency can be sold at higher prices.

AWEX has cryptocurrency exchange points in Moscow and Dubai offices. The service allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency using cash dollars, rubles, dirhams.

To buy or sell cryptocurrency for cash, you need to provide contact details and an address where the courier can pick up or deliver the money. This service is available in Russia and the UAE.

The client deposits cash at the office, they are converted into a special stable currency USDT, which is credited to the client's account. There are also special devices cold wallets, which in their appearance resemble a computer flash drive. Digital assets can be transferred to such a wallet using the AWEX service.

AWEX supports the following withdrawal methods, such as: cash-in, courier delivery, bank cards. On the AWEX platform, you can conduct blockchain transfers of electronic money in your personal account, the service does not charge a commission for this.

How much does it cost to exchange, store or transfer cryptocurrency

The purchase of an asset is made strictly at the rate that is displayed at the time of application, there is no commission for the purchase of cryptocurrency for rubles. Similarly, when selling cryptocurrencies in the opposite direction, no commission is paid.

If, after buying a cryptocurrency, a transfer is made to another wallet, the exchange commission will be 0.1%.

There is also no commission for intra-exchange transfers.

When transferring to external wallets or exchanges, there is a network commission, usually a small amount from 0.5 to 6 $.

You can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency within the platform without restrictions. Spot trading in AWEX supports more than 300 currencies, the commission is 0.1%, there is a direct withdrawal of funds.

The analytical department of AWEX daily monitors the state of affairs in the cryptocurrency market and posts useful material for clients on the news channel.


The AWEX exchange is not the largest or most famous digital asset trading platform. However, AWEX managed to find the perfect balance between security and anonymity. Exchange clients are not afraid of blocking assets due to sanctions, while remaining protected from hackers and scammers. With all this, the anonymity of customers is preserved.

AWEX was able to offer users a wide choice of cryptocurrencies for exchange and purchase, as on any international exchange, while the rate corresponds to the market.

Summing up, we can say that on the AWEX cryptocurrency exchange you can profitably and safely buy, exchange and store cryptocurrency.

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