Crypto-kits in the ocean blockchain

Published: 15 сентября 2022
1 min

Many new and different concepts are emerging in the crypto industry. One such term is «Crypto-kit» - an investor with a large number of cryptocurrency, capable of its actions to seriously affect the exchange rate.

What is the main difference between an ordinary crypto investor and a whale. Since whales have invested a lot of money, they are more experienced and know how to use their «weight».

Advantages of whales:

  • Strong impact on the market;
  • Respect in the community.
  • Disadvantages of whales:
  • Risk of loss of big money;
  • Whale purse is the main target of hackers and scammers;
  • Risk being accused of manipulation.

Crypto-kits act in groups as soon as one of them starts buying a coin, the others start doing the same. With such actions, the course begins to grow rapidly.

The most famous cetaceans of the cryptocurrency world:

  • Satoshi Nakamoto - his fortune is estimated at more than 19 billion. $;
  • Joseph Lubin - co-founder of Ethereum, the state is estimated from 1 to 5 billion. $;
  • Gavin Wood is also co-founder of Ethereum, worth between 1 and 5 billion. $;
  • Chris Larsen - Ripple co-founder is estimated at 7.5-8 billion. $;
  • Brian Armstrong is the CEO of Coinbase. The net worth is estimated at $1 billion. $.

Whales are very well aware of developments in the cryptocurrency industry, and if the investor has the desire to earn, you need to closely monitor the actions of major industry participants.


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