How do I use Cash-In?

Published: 27 ноября 2023
2 min

How do I use Cash-In? How do I use Cash-In?

Let's break down one of the popular ways to sell cryptocurrency on AWEX


CASH-IN is a cash deposit through an ATM or bank cash desk.

How it works.

  • When selling cryptocurrency through AWEX, select the method of receiving CASH-IN;
  • Select the desired bank, for example, Tinkoff;
  • Specify the required amount and card details, then click Sell;
  • The courier receives the application for payment and replenishes the card via ATM or bank cash desk (Sber);
  • The entire amount is on your card instantly, after depositing.

What advantages do you get if you choose CASH-IN?

  • There is no risk of card blocking, according to the Federal Law 115, as from the bank's point of view, you replenished your account yourself (Alfa Bank).
  • There is no additional commission of the intermediary, so you get a more favorable rate;
  • There is a guarantee of legal purity of the funds received.

Are there any disadvantages?

CASH-IN is not available for all banks, currently supported cards Sber, Tinkoff, Alfa Bank and Avangard.

CASH-IN is one of the most convenient functions, if you need to get funds on the card of the bank, but there is no possibility to come to the office. You can be sure of the origin of the received funds and the legal purity of the counterparty.

Have you already used CASH-IN? Share your impressions on our Telegram channel.

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