AWEX Cryptocurrency Exchange presented the advantages of its trading, holding and digital asset exchange platform at TECH WEEK.

Published: 29 ноября 2022
3 min

At the November 15-17 conference from Tech Week «CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN+ METAVERSE» Skolkovo presented products of DeFi, Metaverse, Blockchain, as well as tools for business automation. The project of the AWEX company, a modern cryptocurrency exchange and technology exchange service, was also involved in the exhibition. 

Introduction of digital assets into business and legal regulation when using blockchain technology are of interest to developers, investors and executives of companies.

Leading experts of IT-projects, founders of successful startups, as well as representatives of large companies made presentations at the conference. Panel discussions were held with the participation of speakers on the topics «Scope of application of the metauniverse» and «Possibilities of NFT in the new reality».

AWEX Cryptocurrency Exchange presented the advantages of its trading, holding and digital asset exchange platform at TECH WEEK. The opportunity to observe the trading process on the crypto exchange in real time interested many visitors of the exhibition and attracted the attention of partners.

Representatives of the financial sector expressed interest in cooperation and their intention to conclude the first agreements.

AWEX presented at the exhibition a stand with a stock exchange functions screen of its service , and a representative of the company in real time traded on the spot market, showed and explained the principles of work not only to representatives of the real sector, but also to experienced traders. Such openness of the company and the desire to share relevant information interested visitors.

As the main function of the crypto exchange AWEX was presented the possibility of money transfer through cryptocurrency, as well as successfully operating solutions for business in the form of a payment gateway. This area of business is kept secret, but is already testing a new product that will solve difficult issues in the financial sector.

A demo of the new product was demonstrated at the exhibition, as a result of which some fintech companies and real estate agencies showed interest in further cooperation with the crypto exchange.

AWEX is actively working with developers and car dealers to facilitate the purchase of real estate and cars abroad . AWEX offers convenient cryptocurrency exchange in Russia and the UAE, with a security guarantee. The company has a license in the UAE for financial activities. For the convenience of customers in Moscow and Dubai operate offices with a favorable rate for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. A popular service is making cash rubles in Moscow and receiving dirhams in Dubai.

Following the results of participation in the exhibition, the AWEX team reported on the planned negotiations with the head of one of the digital ecosystems, on the topic of further cooperation in Russia and the UAE.

The TECH WEEK conference became another step for expanding publicity and forming business contacts for representatives of modern business. Among the visitors of the exhibition were regular customers of AWEX, partners, as well as service users, who were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the service team. For company managers participation in the exhibition was an excellent opportunity for personal interaction with clients and an incentive to strengthen business ties. Visitors of the exhibition had a good impression after meeting BANKOFF in the walls of Skolkovo. They were impressed by the services open to suggestions.

As a result of the event, AWEX is invited to participate in the next conference and the speaker of the service will make a presentation on the topic «Regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia, the effectiveness of cross-border transfers with the use of stakecoins».

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