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What is AWEX?

AWEX is a modern cryptocurrency exchange providing services for buying, selling and exchanging digital assets for clients from all over the world.

The exchange has customer service offices in Moscow and Dubai.


247 Online Exchange

Access to your assets is not time-limited


Spot trading

Spot trading with over 300 available cryptocurrencies with the highest liquidity

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Fiat to cryptocurrency exchange

Simple and without extra steps. You can withdraw money even with a bank card!

Sell cryptocurrency with a card

Online and offline access

From any device anywhere in the world. We also have offices.

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Our Mission

We believe that blockchain is the technology of the future, so our developers have created a clear and easy-to-use digital asset distribution platform.

The AWEX service aims to combine the classic banking sector with the modern digital economy. Residents of any country in the world, wherever they may be, have the right to participate without restriction in the global economy. We stand for the world of free finance!


The AWEX exchange gives each client access to the global digital asset market, thus forming a new civil society ensured by economic freedom and equality via blockchain.

Our Goals


The exchange aims to cover all regions of the world, but AWEX focuses on developing countries where the traditional banking industry is limited. AWEX actively uses blockchain to build a client-friendly financial ecosystem.

We update the platform daily to keep crypto trading simple and maintain safe and stable environment for crypto trading through the website and mobile app.

In a free digital economy, the AWEX service will take its place among the most popular cryptocurrency platforms in the world.


Support Service

We answer all your questions about the AWEX service

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